Sharon Gordon

“I believe that the ability to see beyond the surface and to examine small components of a larger view is a key factor in my paintings.” - Sharon Gordon

Sharon  Gordon

Sharon Gordon

Sharon Gordon Biography

Sharon Gordon was raised in upstate New York and currently lives in Syracuse. As a student, she received a scholarship to study art history and painting in France and Italy, and earned a Fine Arts Degree from Skidmore College.


She has participated in a number of galleries throughout New York,Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and the East Coast.


Sharon Gordon Description


Sharon Gordon’s current work derives from a deep passion and fascination with large bodies of water and the idea that something can be ever-changing, never-ending range of rhythm and volatility, while remaining consistently whole. “The ocean reaches each of the five senses at one time with imposing presence; balancing human scale and condition with the water’s immensity” observes Sharon.

The emotional intensity of her aqueous landscapes capture the viewer and draws them into small passages of time and space using segments of a large view. Using the paint to create rhythm and motion, Sharon magnifies portions of the landscape and focuses on details often missed.

Sharon feels a deep connection to the water, land and mystery as well as promise of the horizon. She indirectly draws inspiration from some of the masters of landscape painting including the Hudson River School artists, J. M. W. Turner and Emilio Sánchez Perrier. However, her landscapes are infused with an emotional power and sense of harmonious tension that is uniquely her own vision.

These paintings, primarily oil on canvas, when viewed as a whole, move the observer rhythmically from painting to painting, each one enhancing the next. When viewed in an intimate and introspective setting, the light from within each piece suggests an impending change in atmosphere.

“My intention is that the viewer becomes as captivated by the paint as I am with the painting process” according to Sharon.

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